Sunday, December 26, 2010

Container Gardening

Vegetable Garden
Even the smallest patio or terrace can boast a crop of vegetables or a garden of flowers either in planter boxes, containers or a combination of both, there are many ways to successfully venture into the world of container gardening and living in a fast paced city should not hold you back from doing so, often times things can become a bit overwhelming and we long for a peaceful escape into the great outdoors, that is why more and more Urban community gardens are popping all over many parts of the city.

Cedar T&G Planterwe often receive requests from homeowners and garden enthusiasts to build custom planter boxes, we design in a variety of styles and sizes all suitable in construct and safe to grow a large variety of enjoyable edibles, Tomato VineContainers can also fit perfectly inside planter boxes making them easy and convenient for you to move around share and do so much more, one of the most important factors in edible growing is choosing a safe fertilizer, avoid chemical fertilizers that can make plants inedible, growing edibles in containers is extremely fun however it can vary a little bit from your standard yard garden, the soil in containers is unlikely to get organic enrichment the natural way so remember to work compost inside the containers.
Container Gardening

You can purchase compost at any garden center, compost encourages earthworms and other beneficial organisms whose activities help plants grow providing the needed nutrients improving the soil.
  • Drainage: is very important choose containers that have a good number of holes in the bottom this will ensure proper drainage, that way your edibles will neither drown nor parch.
  • Sun: Your balcony or terrace should receive about 4 – 5 hours of sun every day, preferably morning and late afternoon when the sun will be less intense, be mindful of this when choosing a location for your containers or planter box.

  • Watering: A sprayer attachment on a garden hose or a watering can is a great way to water your container plants, just make sure the water is cool let the water run for a while especially if the hose happened to be in the sun for a good part of the day, hot water can retard root development.

Urban Garden

An urban garden right at your fingertips, even in the biggest city, small apartment, the possibility to reconnect with the natural world through gardening is possible, put that balcony to work or complete that roof top garden you have always been dreaming of, we can still take pleasure and enjoy gardening without giving up the advantages of a big city metropolitan lifestyle that we also enjoy.

Share Veggies
Soon enough you will find yourself sharing some of your wonderful edibles with family and friends even meeting other dedicated enthusiast like yourself within the community, exchanging gardening tips volunteering at your local community garden, hanging out at the local garden center wondering why oh why did you ever skip out on this place, and you realize hey! I’m an Urban Gardner now!!

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