Friday, February 25, 2011

Outdoor Decor with Creative Balance

A week or two has gone by perhaps a bit more depending on the scope of your project, you can finally sit back and relax the construction of your new deck is complete, get ready a new phase will begin.

Themes and Styles for Outdoor Décor & Furnishings

The moment you first envisioned your deck and choose between real wood or a synthetic product for your ideal deck surface, you began to define a theme that would fit with your style, now its time to polish things a bit further, with a bit of pizzazz you can turn your outdoor living space into a flamboyant retreat of your dreams.

Outdoor furniture with deep seating provide the ideal comfort needed, modular collections are available so you can switch placement of your outdoor set and try out new combinations, subtle colors for your outdoor cushions will promote a dazzling modern fresh look and will give you opportunity to mix and match a great variety of colors and textures for your throw pillows.

Outdoor Fabric Features: when shopping for throw pillows or seat cushions for your outdoor living space the most important factor is fabric, the sight of a faded cushion or throw pillow after a couple of weeks is not so great, you want to make sure of the following features, high resistance to fading and long life span, fabric must be soft, breathable composed of a solution dyed acrylic that is UV, water and mildew resistant, and just as importantly that it does not noticeably shrink or stretch.

Style, Comfort & Functionality: A luxury style outdoor space is easy to create, a consistent décor theme will create and maximize the mood and ambiance of your outdoor living space, a space that offers great functionality will bring you a deep sense of comfort.

  • Seating lounge area: where you and your guests can retreat and have a couple of drinks.
  • Dining Area: would you like to have dinner under the stars or perhaps an outdoor breakfast in the comforts of your own home, a dining area is at the top of the list of must haves for any outdoor living space.
  • Greenery Surrounding:  A variety of plants and flowers will bring your outdoor space to life, a planter box will boast the image of your outdoor deck integrate a trellis and create a beautiful green partition, a greenery surrounding opens up another level of design.

Creative Balance: We love to design superb outdoor living spaces, exquisite in detail just like our custom cushions, throw pillows, awnings, cushion covers and so much more, we hope you found this short article informative and helpful, for further information or to simply obtain more tips for your outdoor design feel free to contact us or stay tuned for our next article.

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