Saturday, December 25, 2010

2010 Highlights - Carroll Gardens

Roof Top Terrace 2
Welcome to our second post of 2010 Highlights, this memorable roof top deck was built in the heart of Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn, the area is named after Charles Carroll a revolutionary war veteran the longest lived signatory of the declaration of independence, this distinguishable neighborhood is very engaging, quiet streets with long gardens and brownstone row houses, the area is home to many great Café hot spots, antique shops, boutiques and restaurants, and a superb appreciation for beautiful outdoor spaces.

Roof Top Terrace

This brownstone apartment enjoys an exclusive entrance out to a very spacious roof top terrace making this an ideal place to host family outdoor events, or to simply retreat on a calm Sunday morning with a favorite book in hand enjoying the good weather right at home, the beauty that lies beneath this deck is given by the multi-chromatic look of this upscale and durable composite decking, a vibrant deck constructed at its best to endure time itself, a low maintenance option that will keep its current and any future homeowners happy.

Open Space  Rosewood Roof Top Deck

The platform and walk able Plexiglas was a very interesting feature that we constructed for this project, it made an ideal location for the homeowner to station his gas grill.   Plexi-Glass Platform

It was a pleasure seeing this outdoor space take shape an excellent highlight of the year.
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