Friday, December 24, 2010

2010 Highlights - Boerum Hill, Brooklyn

Its official in a couple of days 2010 will be departing, leaving only but a great memory of the wonderful homeowners who we met along the way and the projects we had the opportunity to design and build for them, it’s that time of the year to showcase some of our great work, the following will be just a short highlight of the adventurous year we had.

We love building roof top decks in Boerum Hill Brooklyn and the surrounding areas, a former Brooklynite myself knows there is always something great going on here, among many great hot spots Brooklyn is home to the TV show talk Stoop with NBC’s Cat Greenleaf who interviews actors, musicians, politicians on her own stoop, speaking of Boerum Hill there is a very nice outdoor space we had the opportunity to design and build for a wonderful client in that area.
The location would once again be a roof top, an old deck was
in need of being replaced, the space held a great view and immediately design features started to flow in, after finalizing on a design the demolition phase would begin, a couple of pictures were provided by our client 2 of which we digitally stitched together (right picture) to get a better view of how the old deck looked in its better days, the picture (below) detailed how we encountered the
deck before we removed it, this project would include a board over board fence, the deck surface would be constructed with a beautiful Mahogany Composite that was very vibrant and would do wonders for this outdoor space, to top things off a Cedar Pergola would be
installed creating a nice lounge type retreat area where seating could later be placed if desired, we designed the following rendering to visualize how certain design features would look.
Here is a comparison between the Rendering and Project Photos (below)
See more pictures in the slide show (below)

This great outdoor space was magnificent to build, it merits a place in our 2010 Highlights, stick around, we will be positing more great outdoor spaces.

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